Graduate Student (Ph.D, or M.S) Opportunities with the Carini Lab - University of Arizona


Funding is available for a graduate student at the MS or PhD level at the University of Arizona (Tucson), beginning in the spring or fall terms of 2018. 

The Paul Carini Lab is somewhat ecosystem agnostic, looking at both soil and aquatic microbial ecology - there is a lot of room to match projects to student's particular interests. The first few projects will involve one or more of the following: microbial cultivation using advanced techniques (includes cultivating new taxa and doing experiments with them), amplicon sequencing and analysis of microbial communities, and genome sequencing/analysis. Potential topics include urban microbial ecology, desert soil microbial ecology (with an emphasis on below-ground dynamics after fire) and nearshore marine biogeochemistry. Students interested in one or more of these topics would fit well with our group. 



Paul Carini, Ph.D.