January 18, 2021

U-M Health Sciences 2021 MLK Keynote

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm


Event Description

With Dr. Monique Butler, MD

Bodies represent the sites of socially constructed differences and power relations. As such, the personal is political, and bodies are subject to political interpretations. Body politics based on racial (and/or ethnic) ascriptions (along with other intersecting elements such as sex, gender, sexuality, age, social class, ability, etc.) have adversely affected the overall health and wellness of bodies of Color in general, and Black bodies in particular - impacting their abilities, opportunities, access (inclusion/exclusion), care/treatment, and the overall nature of their lived experiences. Consequently, racialed body politics have contributed to an array of health disparities being more pronounced in communities of Color. However, movement offers a variety of health benefits and is therefore, a source of empowerment for racially politicized bodies.This event will feature a keynote presentation by Dr. Monique Butler, U-M Kinesiology alumna and Chief Medical Officer for HCA Healthcare North Florida Division. She will address the theme "Where Do We Go From Here: Body Politics and Movement Towards Racial Empowerment."  

This event is sponsored by the U-M Health Sciences units and hosted by the School of Kinesiology.