Democratizing Sequencing: Technology and Applications of Oxford Nanopore

Seminar Details
Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Lakmal Jayesinghe, PhD
VP of R&D Biologics



Palmer Commons - Forum Hall - 4th Floor


Abstract is forthcoming.

As the Vice President of R&D - Biologics, Dr. Lakmal Jayasinghe oversees all biological research and development projects at Oxford Nanopore. Lakmal joined ONT in 2006 after finishing his PhD in chemical biology in the University of Oxford. During his PhD in the Hagan Bayley group, Lakmal has studied different nanopores and has gained a wealth of knowledge in engineering nanopores using genetic and chemical approaches. His responsibilities at ONT include improving the readout signal of ONT platforms by upgrading its current nanopore reader and motor, as well as discovering new versions of nanopores, motors and chemistries to suit various ONT applications including protein sequencing. Lakmal also works with many academic collaborators across the world to ensure that Oxford Nanopore uses the best possible biological components and chemistries in its platforms.