Microbial Genome Sequencing

We offer sequencing of bacterial genomes using the Illumina DNA Prep Kit (formerly Nextera DNA Flex) for 24 or 96 samples (Cat: 20018704 & 20018705, respectively) in combination with Illumina combinatorial dual (CD) indexes to create unique dual-indexed sequences. Purified DNA can be sent to the core or we can perform extraction of DNA from microbial cultures using the Qiagen Microbial DNA kit (27200-4).

If you are submitting extracted DNA, we ask that you provide concentrations using a fluorescence-based detection system, such as picogreen or Qubit. We would also ask for a concentration of at least 5 ng/µL in a volume no less than 20 µL. If we are performing the extraction, then quantification is included. 

Our core offers an introductory option for submissions for up to 24 samples. These can be sequenced in the background of our low-diversity (16S) runs, and can provide enough coverage for preliminary analysis for those interested in pursuing a larger project. 

We have multiple sequencing kits available depending on the number of samples and desired coverage. (see table below) Optimal downstream analysis, based on a 3.87Mb bacterial genome, calls for about 30X coverage. If your genome is larger or smaller, then we can adjust the run to be sure you get the coverage you need!

If you are ready to submit samples for microbial genome sequencing, we process all submissions through our MiCores website