Welcome to the home of the Microbial Systems Molecular Biology Laboratories. The MSMBL are housed in Medical Science Reasearch Building I (MSRB-I) of the University of Michigan Medical School.  They provide services and resources to microbiome researchers from across campus and beyond. These services include:

Microbial Community Analysis

Support for comparative analysis of microbial communities is provided using the Illumina (MiSeq) platform. The MSMBL provides DNA isolation and troubleshooting services, and 16S sequencing with the Illumina MiSeq platform. Learn more →



Strain Collection Database

StrainDB is a searchable database of microbial strains at the University of Michigan. It was created to easily locate and share microbial strains and related information among researchers working in the field of microbiology on campus. StrainDB was designed to be the principal and preferred method of storing and managing strain information for the participating labs (Usergroups).

Please contact the StrainDB authors and administrator Robert Hein (the Tom Schmidt group) at with your requests, problem reports or other feedback. Please contact us if you have records that you would like to bulk-load into StrainDB. This version is a beta-prototype.

Contact to request a StrainDB user account.

Log into the database here