Microbial Cultivation

Specialized Culture Conditions 

Anaerobic Growth Chambers

One avenue to an improved understanding of the physiological ecology of the microbiome and its impact on the host is through the study of bacterial isolates in pure culture and in defined mixed cultures.

We have experience in:

  1. Routine microbiological plating on selective media for bacteria and fungi.
  2. Culturing fastidious, anaerobic and extremely oxygen-sensitive (EOS) microbes.
  3. Culture and isolation of phages.
  4. Procedures for microbial enrichment and isolation with molecular biological methods to obtain cultures of as-yet unexplored genetic and physiological diversity in the microbiome.

In addition to providing specialized equipment and technical support, the Microbial Systems Lab will also offer training in microbial cultivation techniques.

If you would like to request use of these advanced cultivation chambers, contact:

Michael Dority midority@umich.edu