January 13, 2020

Bacterial Pathogenesis Journal Club

10:00 am to 11:00 am


Furstenberg - 2737 

Event Description

Presenter for Monday, December 2nd 2019: The Eaton lab will be presenting: Prophage induction, but not production of phage particles, is required for lethal disease in a microbiome-replete murine model of enterohemorrhagic E. coli infection

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Time:  Every other Monday from 10:00 – 11:00 am 

Location: Furstenberg - 2737 

Contacts: Arwen Frick-Cheng (arwenf@umich.edu), Allyson Shea (shallyso@med.umich.edu), Joyce Wang (wangjoy@umich.edu)

Some guidelines about presentations:

  • Presentations should be ~30-45 min.
  • The paper to be presented must be emailed to Arwen Frick-Cheng (arwenf@umich.edu) as a PDF by Friday one week before the presentation.  It is the responsibility of the lab PI to assign presenters for the journal club.
  • Papers should represent a substantial contribution or address an interesting question in the field. Here are some suggestions: novel strategies to combat infections, microbial pathogenesis and climate change, co-infections. It could really be anything you find interesting - the key is to get a discussion going! Please email any of us if you are feeling stuck choosing a paper, we will be more than happy to forward you our suggestions.
  • Suggested format:
  1. Introduction of the bigger question to be discussed and why we should care about it
  2. Explain the gap in our knowledge that the paper aims to address
  3. Figures from the paper (NOTE: you do NOT have to go through every figure, the goal is to effectively convey and discuss the message in the paper)
  4. Conclusions & future questions
  • Room 5613 has a built-in monitor, but each lab should provide a computer for their presentation.  If you don’t wish to bring a computer with you, please reserve one from the Micro office or contact us prior to your presentation.


If for some reason your lab is unable to present in the assigned slot, please arrange a substitution with another lab and e-mail Arwen Frick-Cheng (arwenf@umich.edu) about any scheduling changes.