Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

The University of Michigan offers the following degree programs in microbial sciences-related fields:

Undergraduate Majors

The undergraduate major in Microbiology is administered by the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, and has a flexible course content. Students can customize their training toward a variety of subdisciplines in health, environmental and basic sciences. Undergraduate students can also participate in microbial sciences research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program or via opportunities posted on our website. For more information about the undergraduate major, contact Dr. Gary Huffnagle at ghuff@umich.edu.

Graduate Programs

We're currently developing a new graduate program in Microbial Systems Science. In the meantime, there are multiple programs associated with the Center for Microbial Systems in departments across the University. These offer opportunities for advanced studies in Microbiology through M.S. or Ph.D. programs:

Prospective students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to learn more about their research and the graduate programs they would recommend for pursuing different aspects of the microbial sciences.

New for Fall 2015 - Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (ITiMS) - This program offers mentorship and support to University of Michigan doctoral students exploring the burgeoning field of microbiome studies. We aim to train future scientists who will design and implement novel prevention, diagnostic, and treatment strategies stemming from a deep understanding of the impact of microbial communities on human and environmental health.