This site provides information about the Michigan Microbiome Project (MMP), the major research program dedicated to the engineering of microbiomes for the benefit of human health. This effort is being coordinated by Dr. Tom Schmidt.

In addition to highlighting microbial community research, this website provides access to core laboratory services that support microbiome research. We also maintain a list of upcoming seminars and other events at U-M that are centered on host-associated microbiomes.

We also keep an updated list of research and career opportunities for students and staff, both at this university and elsewhere - send a note to Michael Dority if you would like to add a listing to the site. 

If you are looking for courses at U of M that are relevant to the study of microbes and microbial communities, check here.     

The MMP was originally one of several activities within the Center for Microbial Systems, which had the broader mission of promoting understanding of all microbiomes.  While we continue to provide the more widely-accessed content of the Center, the research has been focused on the human microbiome.   

The historical record of other activities associated with the Center for Microbial Systems can be accessed through this site.


This marks the transition of the Center for Microbial Systems (CMS) to The Michigan Microbiome Project (MMP). While the CMS was established to promote the study of ALL microbiomes here at the University of Michigan, the MMP will focus on the human gut microbiome being studied by the Schmidt lab and collaborators. The broader listings of seminars and career opportunities are retained.