The Michigan Microbiome Project (MMP) is an organization at the University of Michigan that includes scientists focused on the goal of understanding microbiomes.  We are studying how these communities of microbes originate, function, and evolve so that we can purposefully intervene and engineer them for the benefit of human and environmental health.  The MMP provides services to characterize microbes and microbiomes through the Microbiome Core Facility.  We are also developing the MMP Knowledge Repository to assist in the comparative analyses of surveys that map the structure and function of microbiomes. This is a repository of 16S gene sequence surveys, transcriptomes, metagenomes, metabolomes, and information about isolated strains. 

To learn more about microbiomes, we welcome you to our bi-weekly, Wednesday morning microbiome seminars.  If you would like to receive a weekly email about microbe-related seminars across campus, as well as new funding and job opportunities, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to Michael Dority

Through this website you will find information about coursework and workshops relevant to the study of microbiomes, as well as summaries of ongoing research by members of the MMP. Contact Michael Dority to have your events or job opportunities posted on this website, and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.


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