Project Matching

For internal clients, we offer the option to partner with other projects for submissions with a partial number of samples. Three sequencing services are included: 1) Community Analysis using 16S V4/16S EMP or Fungal ITS primer sets for a nano-run (96 samples) or full-run (384 samples), 2) Microbial Whole Genomes (96 samples), or 3) Bacterial RNA-seq (6 samples).

Please sign up on the DropBox file to indicate the service of interest and feel free to contact anyone on the list to coordinate a sample submission. (

Once you have formulated a group submission, delete your information from the DropBox file and proceed to the MiCores website to register a submission or contact the Core ( with any questions.  University of Michigan staff are provided with a Dropbox account using the email and level-one password.