Extraction of Nucleic Acids


epMotion Liquid Handlers

High Throughput Extraction of Nucleic Acids 

DNA extraction has been automated using the Eppendorf EpMotion liquid handling systems, which are capable of high-throughput processing of many samples.  Qiagen MagAttract PowerMicrobiome kit is our preferred DNA extraction kit for samples going into the 16S sequencing funnel as it yields high quality DNA from stool, gut and biosolids. For samples that are being extracted for genomic sequencing the MagAttract Microbial DNA Kit is preferred. Clients (both UM internal and external) can submit a minimum of one 96-well plate. If you are ready to submit samples for extraction, we process all submissions through our MiCores website

Sample extraction can be bundled with one of our other services such as Microbial Community Profiling or Microbial Genome Sequencing, or it can simply be used as a stand-alone service.