Additional Services

Many processes applied at the Core are provided as standalone services or can be customized to suit the client’s preference:

pre-PCR processing

1. DNA Genotek Sample Collection Kits & Mailers
We stock up on two DNA Genotek products for our clients. 1) OMR-200 Genotek OMNIgene-Gut kits that allow for individual self-collection of fecal samples for microbial community profiling. 2) ME-200 OMNImet-Gut kits allow for the collection of targeted and non-targeted metabolites from fecal samples. Mailers are also available, which contain necessary materials required to ship collection tubes.  

 2. Pre-PCR Nucleic Acid Quantification
Quantification of client extracted nucleic acids can be carried out using QuantIT dsDNA PicoGreen Assay Kit or Qubit dsDNA High Sensitivity Assay Kit.

 3. Pre-PCR DNA Dilution/Normalization
If you desire a specific concentration, the Microbiome Core can perform dilutions and/or normalization of client extracted DNA.  This can be done on a small or large scale via automation.

post-PCR processing

4. Post-PCR Amplicon Gel Electrophoresis
As part of our troubleshooting services, post-PCR amplicons are run on Egels in a 16-well or 96-well format.

5. Post-PCR Amplicon / Library Bead Cleanup
AMPure XP Bead Cleanup Kit can be used for amplicon size selection as well as DNA library purification to remove salts, dNTPs, primer-dimers.

6. Post-PCR Amplicon Quality Control
Client-prepared DNA libraries can be quantified using Roche KAPA Library Quantification Kit for Illumina Systems flanked by p5 and p7 oligoadaptors. In addition, Agilent Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Analysis Kit is used to ensure sample quality.

Library QC

7. Post-PCR Amplicon Quality Control - Bioanalyzer Only
Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Analysis Kit can be used to quantify DNA library samples and bioanalyzer traces help ensure sample quality.  

8. Whole Genome Sequencing (Low-Throughput)
For clients looking to sequence a small sampling of bacterial genomes, we provide a full library generation service including pre-PCR quantification/normalization, PCR, post-PCR cleanup, normalization.  The libraries are then spiked into the background of a low diversity 16S run.  This is an economical option for pilot projects.

9. Custom Library Sequencing
We can provide customized sequencing of client-prepared libraries on the Illumina MiSeq Platform.  The client is responsible for providing all libraries and sequencing primers needed for these projects.

If you are ready to submit samples for any of the above services, we process all submissions through the MiCores websiteIf you have further questions or inquiries, please refer to the Contact Us page.