Bacterial RNA-Seq

Reads Passing Filter for Single Species

 Our newest service is RNA-Seq for single bacterial species or mixed cultures. We offer rapid turnaround and sufficient coverage to monitor expression. The 150V3 chemistry kit has an average output of 30 million paired end reads. A paper by Haas and colleagues recommends 5 million reads per sample for bacterial transcriptomes (Hass et al., 2012), but if biological replicates are included,  2-3 million reads per sample are probably sufficient. Based on these numbers, we can accommodate up to 12 samples on a single sequencing run. 

Additionally, we offer Ribodepletion as a standalone service for measuring gene expression or setting up microarray experiments. 

If you are ready to submit samples for RNA-seq, we process all internal submissions through our MiCores website and external submissions through our Qualtrics survey.