There's a wealth of coursework related to the study of microbes and complex microbial communities at the University of Michigan. These courses offer multiple perspectives on the physiology, ecology and evolution of individual microbes as well as the emergent properties and dynamics of complex microbial communities. The breadth of coursework provides disciplinary expertise that complements the systems approach that we advocate for the study of microbes. The coursework is administered by multiple schools, departments and colleges, but is readily available to both undergraduate and graduate students — as well as investigators, residents and others who wish to expand their understanding of the microbial world.

Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (ITiMS)

This program offers mentorship and support to University of Michigan doctoral students exploring the burgeoning field of microbiome studies. We aim to train future scientists who will design and implement novel prevention, diagnostic, and treatment strategies stemming from a deep understanding of the impact of microbial communities on human and environmental health.

How to apply (
Students can self-nominate or faculty can nominate incoming or current graduate students for ITiMS support. Proposed mentors – one with expertise in the laboratory sciences, the other with expertise in population studies or mathematical modeling - must write a letter of support agreeing to mentor the applicant should funding be awarded. Application Deadline for 2020: TBA

Find Courses Across Campus

We've compiled a list of microbiology-related courses at the University of Michigan to help students find learning opportunities across disciplines and departments.

Be sure to follow links to the Wolverine Access course catalog to get up-to-date details on course availability, times, and location.

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