May 31, 2023 to June 1, 2023

Chemical Biology of the Microbiome Symposium

12:30 pm


Event Description

The microbiome has been the topic of a growing body of research linking the interactions between microbes and the host organism to a number of novel therapeutic avenues for the treatment of diseases. This two-day conference will convene global experts at the intersection of chemical biology and microbiology to discuss the latest research into the basic metabolism and the therapeutic potential of the microbiome. Presentation topics will include:

  • Chemical Approaches for Understanding the Microbiome
  • Microbial Metabolites 
  • Translational Microbiome Research

This symposium will feature keynote presentations by world-renowned leaders in the field, Dr. Martin J. Blaser (Rutgers University), Dr. Laura L. Kiessling (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Dr. Michael Fischbach (Stanford University). Also included will be a panel discussion on the “Challenges to Translation” and competitively selected short talks and poster presentations by early career investigators, students, and post-docs. 

This symposium will provide a neutral forum for exchange of novel scientific knowledge and expertise among multi-sector scientists and provide ample networking opportunities.

Abstract submissions are invited for a Poster Session and selected Short Talks. The deadline for submissions is March 24, 2023.



Martin J. Blaser, MD
Rutgers University

Michael Fischbach, PhD
Stanford University

Laura L. Kiessling, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Emily Balskus, PhD
Harvard University

Jon Clardy, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Mohamed S. Donia, PhD
Princeton University



Pamela Chang, PhD
Cornell University

Harris Wang, PhD
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Iyassu Sebhat, PhD

Barbara Knappmeyer, PhD
New York Academy of Sciences

Sonya Dougal, PhD,
New York Academy of Sciences


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