January 5, 2022

MICROBIOL 650: Pathology for Researchers

8:00 am


January 5th - April 19th, 2022

Event Description

Course Description:
MICROBIOL 650: Pathology, Anatomy, Histology, Disease - This course is in two parts. Part 1 will be an overview of comparative anatomy and histology with an introduction to pathology. Part 2 will be practical approach to pathologic evaluation including tissue handling, collecting, and processing, and preparation of results for publication.
Kathryn A. Eaton (Kate), DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACVP
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Micro 650, Pathology for researchers, has finally been approved and is available to enroll on Wolverine.  It will meet weekly on Weds mornings  at 9 am (location TBD depending on the number of folks interested).  It's a1 credit course to meet weekly for an hour.
It will be an introduction to histology and morphology of disease as well as a discussion of various aspects of how to include pathology in your animal model research.
It will only be offered if enough people sign up, so if you think it will be of interest to you or your students, please sign up.