Matters of Scale in the Ecology and Evolution of Coexisting Species

Seminar Details
Thursday, February 1, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Rachel Germain, PhD
Assistant Professor, Zoology, University of British Columbia


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Seminar Series

This event is part of our ongoing Thursday Seminar Series.

Preview: Germain's lab is anchored by coexistence theories (old and new) which we use to understand how ecological processes interact across scales, and then, how our ecological insights can be applied to better understand evolution (e.g., rescue, speciation, character displacement, etc.). Germain's talk will be divided between two themes: how ecological processes interact across scales to shape species persistence and biodiversity patterns and how evolutionary processes vary spatially, as well as how they scale up from individuals to populations to species within diverse natural communities. Their work is rooted in serpentine grasslands of Northern California, a biodiversity hotspot with a predominance of annual plant species and abrupt environmental transitions.