Open Call for 5th Annual $50,000 Research Grant to be Awarded to a US-Based 
Researcher Studying Gut Microbiota and Its Impact Beyond the Digestive System  
2021 Biocodex Microbiota Foundation US Grant Theme: 
Gut Microbiota and Its Impact beyond the Digestive System 
Grant Amount: 
$50,000 USD (this grant may be applied to a new or an existing study) 
Grant Candidates: 
Applicants must be an advanced degree holder and the grant must be applied to 
research in a USA institution. 
Applicants may have no more than 10 years of research experience post-terminal 
degree (time spent in clinical training is excluded). Applicants who have 5 years or less 
of previous postdoc training at the time of application (time spent in clinical training is 
excluded) are favored. 
The successful candidate is an early career researcher with 5 or less years of research 
experience seeking to establish themselves apart from their supervisor/program and 
become independent. The grant is intended as a bridging grant, to help investigators 
initiate a project to become independent. 
Submission Deadline: 
Deadline to submit application is October 15, 2021, 5PM EST. 
How to Apply: 
Application consists of completed application form and the standard NIH biosketch. 
All completed applications must be sent to by the 
Late and/or incomplete application forms or applications regarding research that doesn’t 
meet the criteria (research topic, US research location) will not be considered for this 
Jury & Selection Announcement Timing: 
Projects awarded the grant are selected annually by a committee of independent 
medical and scientific experts. The 2021 US Biocodex Microbiota Foundation scientific 
board, comprised of Dr. Ruth Ann Luna from Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor 
College of Medicine, Dr. Emeran Mayer from University of California Los Angeles 
(UCLA), and Dr. Erica Sonnenburg from Stanford University will review the applications 
and select this year’s grant recipient. The scientific board’s decision is final and will not 
be contested. 
The jury will award the grant to one (1) project. Applicants will be informed of the 
decision on or before December 1st, 2021. 
Previous BMF Grant Recipients: 
·       2019: Dr. Arpana Gupta: Dr. Gupta, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of 
Digestive Diseases, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, was the most 
recent US grant recipient in 2019 for her research on the prevalence of Metabolic 
Syndrome (MetS) and how its complications continue to rise in the US and 
around the world. 
·       2018: Dr. Tao Yang: Associate in the University of Florida's physiology and 
functional genomics department was awarded the 2018 grant to advance his 
theory that a unique gut microbiota associated with hypertension hinders 
communication between the gut and the brain plays a key role in the efficacy of 
antihypertension drugs 
·       2017: Dr. Rashim Singh: Dr. Singh, postdoctoral fellow with the University of 
Houston’s pharmacological and pharmaceutical sciences, was awarded the 2017 
grant to investigate the role of the gut microbiome and its constitution in the 
increased risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) 
About the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation: 
The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation, founded by Biocodex, is a non-profit, general 
interest organization committed to inspiring scientific projects that investigate the 
implication of microbiota in human health. The Foundation’s mission is to support early 
career researchers in the microbiota field and their interaction with various pathologies. 
This research is supported through an annual grant program – now in its fourth year – 
and are given to projects that investigate the implication of microbiota in human health 
based on annual topics. The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation supports both 
fundamental and applied research projects that explore the functions of the microbiota, 
the impact of microbiota imbalance, known as dysbiosis, on the occurrence or evolution of various pathologies. 
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