Global Probiotics Council: Young Investigator Grant for Probiotic Research


($50,000 award, deadline March 1st, 2022) 

The purpose of the Young Investigator Grant for Probiotic Research is to contribute to the advancement of probiotics and gastrointestinal microbiota research in the United States and to impact academic and career development of young investigators, attracting them into the field of probiotics and microbiota. The focus of the grant is to improve understanding of mechanisms by which dietary and nutrition intervention with potential probiotics, including beneficial commensals, interact with the host and gastrointestinal microbiota to improve host physiology and function. Basic research can involve bacteria, cell lines, derived cells or animal models, but does not involve clinical studies in human subjects. However, it can include research on human specimens and ad hoc studies on existing cohorts. Proposals on dietary and nutritional approaches to improve physiological function and health status are preferred over proposals on disease pathogenesis, drugs and therapies The annual grant amount is $50,000 per grant recipient with a maximum of 10% of this amount dedicated to overhead costs.