How the Microbiome can be Affected Positively for Health and Wellbeing


Apply by Aug 30, 2022

Bayer Consumer Health are seeking submission of:

Bayer is a global enterprise and a leader in Consumer Health with over 170 consumer health brands in its innovative global portfolio. Bayer Consumer Health is seeking biome-targeted solutions in the following areas:

  • Upper respiratory (UR): Biome targeted solutions for prevention, treatment and/or recovery of UR conditions
  • Nutrition: Microbiome technologies and science‑driven propositions for tailored product solutions for everyday health in areas like immunity, healthy ageing, and mental wellness 
  • Digestive health (DH): To understand how to translate microbiome diagnostics into personalised product offerings to positively modulate the microbiome and improve/maintain a healthy wellbeing
  • Skin: Modelling of skin microbiome interactions and delivery of live probiotics in topical formats


Approaches of Interest

  • Identification of novel agents (UR, Nutrition, DH) suitable for non-pharmaceutical consumer use, next generation of probiotic strains and biotics providing precise and targeted health benefits (e.g. gut health, gut-organ axis)
  • Identification of technologies or platforms: manufacturing techniques, packaging, formulation technologies, stabilising ingredients, etc.
  • In vitroex vivo methodologies or diagnostics ideas to screen and/or validate beneficial agents that can decode microbiome data and individual’s metadata and unmet needs into personalised precise products
  • The company is interested in the chemical nature of any beneficial agents including the structure, safety profile, safety testing, and regulatory status

Developmental Stages of Interest

  • Creative solutions offering something novel (re-imagining the space) in the field will be prioritised
  • Product ideas proposed should mainly be oral and/or topical (only for UR and skin)
  • Open to all options with minimum proof of concept, priority to phase I, late preclinical, preclinical, basic research

Submission Information

Non-confidential submission of one page, 200-300 word briefs are encouraged along with any optional supplementary information e.g. relevant publications and patents. 

Opportunity for Collaboration

Bayer Consumer Health is open to a range of collaboration opportunities, with the most appropriate outcome being decided on a case-by-case basis. Example outcomes include licensing assets and research collaborations.

“There are no limits to how many projects we can receive from your institution or researchers. If people would like to put forward several submissions focusing on different aspects of their work, or if several researchers would like to apply as a group, we are very flexible in the way we can deliver information to our clients.

Our only request is that if someone wants to put forward a technology or a spin-out company associated with the institution, that we also receive consent from the responsible technology transfer officer.”

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