Non-Federal Funding Opportunities

Attached please find the weekly non-federal RFP grant opportunities report from the Michigan Medicine Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations. The Excel Summary provides an at-a-glance resource to quickly review the opportunities and the Grants Report Word document provides a more in-depth description of each RFP or award.  Both attached documents contain hyperlinks to the application guidance website.  Following are some highlighted listings from this week’s report, based on award amounts ($100,000+) and manageable deadlines. This week's report includes two $1 million+ grant opportunities from the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation and from the American Cancer Society, and a very large number of other cancer-related RFP announcements from additional grantors.  Please note that additional RFPs ranging from $20,000 - $99,999 are also routinely included in the attached documents, but are not highlighted in this cover email (with the exception of COVID-19 grants) – these often include smaller research grant RFPs, orphan disease research grants, early career awards, scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships.  A searchable listing of all previously posted RFPs with currently open deadlines is available at this site:
A key-word matching auto-notification capability is available to all subscribers to the weekly report.  Subscribers may select up to five key-words for auto-notification of incoming grant opportunities.  Please use the following steps if you would like to set up auto-notifications (you will continue to receive the weekly RFP report emails as well).
1)      Navigate to the Michigan Medicine Corporate & Foundation Relations website:
2)      Click the blue button “Click here for University of Michigan web login” in the upper left quadrant of the screen
3)      On the page with the heading, “Corporate and Foundation Relations”, select “Profile” in the upper right corner
4)      You’ll be routed to a page that auto-populates with your name and primary department affiliation. Select the button in the right hand column, “User Alerts”
5)      Select up to five keywords from the dropdown menu for automatic alerts.  
6)      Save changes.  The alerts will usually be sent out on Tuesday (with some holiday/vacation exceptions).
 Please note that a faculty member’s research administrator will serve as the liaison on all aspects of the internal application process. If you are unsure of whom to talk to, your department contact can be found at the following link  If you pursue any grant opportunity featured in this report, please contact your research administrator first to formulate a submission plan and timeline.  The UMHS Corporate and Foundation Relations team can assist in this process, including providing direct communication with the funding entity to obtain guidance on project appeal/applicability to the funder, provide examples of previously funded UM proposals, and answer general faculty questions.
'Gregory Witbeck'