Seeking Fermentation Technology to Enhance Cat Palatability


Closes: 22nd Aug 2022

Mars Petcare is a leading provider of high quality, science‑backed nutrition and therapeutic health products. Through comprehensive veterinary care, nutrition, breakthrough programs in diagnostics, wearable health monitoring, DNA testing and pet welfare, their 100,000 Petcare Associates help pets in more than 130 countries. 

Mars Petcare are looking for fermentation technologies to transform raw materials to boost product flavour and attractiveness for cats and dogs. There is particular interest in research studies that demonstrate success in transforming raw material into palatants, or taste and aroma enhancers (e.g., Umami, Kokumi or others).

Approaches of Interest:

  • Fermentation technology to improve the flavour and palatability of food products for cats and dogs
  • Plant‑based raw materials and substrates are of the highest interest
  • Technologies with the opportunity to up‑cycle human food industry by‑products and agricultural side streams
  • Food safe options that are non‑toxic to pets
  • Novel fermentation equipment/systems and bio‑separation or purification technologies are also of interest if these either allow for the fermentation of a specific substrate or provide an improvement over an existing process 

Stage of Development:

  • Technology readiness level at TRL 4 and above is of interest, with a particular interest with technologies that can be scaled up to an industrial level

Submission Information:

Submission of one page, 200-300 word briefs are encouraged, along with any optional supplementary information e.g., relevant publications and patents. In submitting to this campaign, you confirm that your submission contains only non-confidential information.

Opportunity for Collaboration:

Mars Petcare is open to a range of collaboration opportunities, with the most appropriate outcome being decided on a case-by-case basis. Example outcomes include licensing assets, investment, and research collaborations.

“There are no limits to how many projects we can receive from your institution or researchers. If people would like to put forward several submissions focusing on different aspects of their work, or if several researchers would like to apply as a group, we are very flexible in the way we can deliver information to our clients.

Our only request is that if someone wants to put forward a technology or a spin-out company associated with the institution, that we also receive consent from the responsible technology transfer officer.”

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