Deputy Division Director for Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at NSF


The National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) is seeking a candidate for the position of Deputy Division Director in the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB). We hope you can share this announcement with your faculty or colleagues that you think might be appropriate for the position.

As you may know, MCB supports fundamental research and related activities designed to promote understanding of complex living systems at the molecular, subcellular, and cellular levels. The Division promotes quantitative, predictive, and theory-driven research and related activities designed to decipher the molecular underpinnings of complex living systems. Information about the Division’s activities may be found at

A successful candidate will possess an established record of significant achievement in research administration as well as leadership responsibility in academe, industry, or government.  In addition to having a strong record of research and education accomplishments within his or her technical communities, the Deputy Division Director must be experienced and competent in technical, financial, and administrative management.  

Appointment to this Senior Executive Service position may be Career, with a salary range of $174,225 to $194,516.  Alternatively, the incumbent may be assigned under Intergovernmental Personnel Action (IPA). The formal announcement (BIO-EXEC-2021-0003) with further information and exact position requirements and application procedures may be viewed at or by calling NSF’s Executive Personnel staff at 703-292-2142 (hearing impaired individuals may call TDD 703-292-8044).  Deadline for receipt of applications is April 29, 2021.