LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grants


LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grants, funded by the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and administered by the Ginsberg Center, offer up to $1500 to support new and ongoing community-engaged courses.

These Course Development Grants are open to all LSA tenured and tenure-track faculty; clinical instructional faculty; and lecturers who teach on the Ann Arbor campus and who have continuing appointments and course development responsibilities. 


Applications are accepted year-round. Award notifications are typically received within 4 weeks of application submission.


  • We offer two different levels of funding: up to $500 and up to $1500
  • Expenses that can be covered by these grants may include, but are not limited to: honoraria for community speakers; stipends for community partners; efforts aimed at developing, enhancing, and/or sustaining community partnerships that are connected to community-engaged courses. Please note that Course Development Grants are intended for expenditures related to community-engagement that do not fall within the realm of regular departmental expenditures. 
  • Unused funds can be returned or used for a future course within the same year, upon mutual agreement with the Ginsberg Center. 
  • Substantial changes to the proposed budget must be approved by Ginsberg Center.


Faculty awarded a Ginsberg LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grant agree to:

  1. Use the funds in the ways outlined in your proposal
  2. Attend at least one Ginsberg Academic Partner workshop, program, or session during the grant period.
  3. Add at least 2 closed-ended questions and 1 open-ended question to your course evaluation from our list of recommended end-of-semester questions.
  4. Complete a post-award questionnaire by the end of the term that immediately follows your course. Ex: For Fall 2022 courses, submit your questionnaire by the end of Winter 2023 term.


Submit your application via the LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grant Application Form. In the form, you will be asked to submit information about your community-engaged course, the need for grant funding, as well as the following: 

  • how the course and proposed used of funds aligns with Ginsberg Center’s Principles of Community Engagement
  • how you are preparing your students for community engagement
  • your plan for sustaining these engagement activities over time (beyond the academic term for which you are applying)
  • your plan for assessment (of student learning; the impact of your activities on communities, etc.)
  • course syllabus 
  • grant budget using this sample budget template


Ginsberg’s Academic Partnerships staff are available to consult with grant applicants as they prepare proposals. For questions and to request a consultation, complete our support request form