Conference Travel Grant Program


The Michigan Center for Infectious Disease Threats (MCIDT) is making conference travel grants available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are mentored by MCIDT Faculty Affiliates to enable them to travel to conferences and present their research. A complete list of Faculty Affiliates can be found on our website.


Award Description

A trainee is eligible to receive one travel grant award (either domestic or international, but not both) during a fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, based on the start date of the conference. The amounts available are as follows:
Up to 1000 for the continental United States
Up to 1250 for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
Up to 1500 for Europe
Up to 1750 for Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia


Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for an MCIDT Conference Travel Grant award if:

  • The trainee has responded to a formal call for abstracts
  • The trainee has been accepted to present a poster or paper at a conference
  • The trainee is able to provide affirmation from their faculty advisor, who is a Faculty Affiliate of MCIDT, that the conference participation is directly relevant to their research or studies
  • The trainee has exhausted other available University support for conference training (such as Rackham or School/department conference funding) or the expected expenses for a conference exceeds those awards
  • If a graduate student, the trainee is in good academic standing in a degree-granting program at the University of Michigan

Any international travel must be registered with the University of Michigan and follow all current health and safety protocols for the destination.


Ongoing. Complete applications, including the letter of recommendation, must be received 30 days before the first day of the conference. Exceptions may be made for late-breaking submissions if abstract acceptance notification is not received 30 days prior to the start of the conference.

Application Process

Trainees may visit the MCIDT Conference Travel Grant application and submit the following documents:

  • One recommendation letter from their faculty advisor, who is a Faculty Affiliate of MCIDT, that attests that conference participation is directly relevant to research or graduate studies
  • A copy of the confirmation (letter or email is acceptable) with the applicant’s name clearly listed as a presenter to verify their acceptance to participate in the conference
  • A copy of the submitted abstract
  • A budget regarding the amount of funding requested and a list of the specific expenses covered by the award. Please indicate all of the funding received in the budget
APPLY HERE (also view flyer in attachment)