RGHG Foundation - Multidisciplinary Scientific Studies Grant


(Deadline Apr. 1, 2021)

The Grant supports university-level multidisciplinary scientific studies on viral and bacterial infection-induced cancers. We welcome graduate student and post doctoral scientists from chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, engineering, biology, and any related disciplines to apply.*

Step 1: Click on the instructions embedded below and download. We are now accepting submissions from graduate students and post docs for the Fall 2021 grant until April 1, 2021. Instructions are included in the Word doc. Approximate value for 2021 grant is ~$13,500-14,000, brought to you by science enthusiast donors!

Step 2: Breathe! We know the stress of grant applications and academic competitions first hand. We can't wait to read about the fantastic research you have planned and appreciate your applications. Go scientists!

Step 3. Submit your final packet to: info.rghgrant@gmail.com.

* Please note for many institutions, it may be required for the PI of a laboratory to apply for the grant. Check with your principle investigator to learn about the proper channels for grant applications.

For further application details, see link below