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Effective science communication (SciComm) ensures that research makes it to the public in a relevant, accurate, and understandable form. SciComm is how doctors explain complex treatments to patients, how scientists promote their research to funding agencies, and how public health specialists convey academic findings to government agencies that manage public safety (such as in pandemic response). Researchers (from undergrads to professors) are in the best position to inform the public using their personal experiences.
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Join us! We take an interdisciplinary approach to understand microbiomes, thus there are research opportunities in fields ranging from molecular biology and genomics to biogeochemistry and environmental science.

We are currently recruiting for multiple positions (postdoc and BS/MS level, part time or full-time) on two different projects involving the analysis and synthesis of metagenomic and metatranscriptomic data from microbiomes.

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A list of recent career opportunities (at all levels) posted on the American Society of Microbiology's Career Connections website.


The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) creates research partnerships between first- and second-year students, and faculty, research scientists, and staff from across the University of Michigan community.

All schools and colleges are active participants in UROP, thereby providing a wealth of research topics from which a student can choose. Begun in 1988 with 14 student/faculty partnerships, today, approximately 1300 students and over 700 faculty researchers are engaged in research partnerships.

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